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                  Rigolò "Tornado"

A warm voice blows his relaxed torment on the electric guitar

then clashes with a crystalline voice and with a

distorted cello; bass and drums rotate around, pushed

by a cold and electric wind, an increasingly strong vortex

which gradually loses intensity; that's how “Tornado” is born.

Tornado was coproduced and recorded by Mattia Coletti (who also edited the mixing phase) and by Brian Deck (Iron & Wine,

Sage Francis, Califone, Modest Mouse) who worked on the mastering. Rigolò's latest album takes a different road from the band's previous efforts, favoring

a fuller sound, rich, yet instinctive.

This is a work that took shape by subtraction. The pressing rhythms report to a bodily and material dimension

and are the signs of what remains of the original creative effort.

The harmonic structure is revealed, with

immediacy, in support of sharp melodies, to make

more explicit a meeting of opposites that do not complete each other but are capable of destroying everything.


Rigolò was born as Andrea Carella's solo project in 2010, his first album, "Cocoons should die young" came out in the same year. The album received good reviews, and the song "At home" was part of the soundtrack of the RAI TV serie"Le cose che restano", a with Paola Cortellesi and Claudio Santamaria directed by Gianluca M. Tavarelli, broadcasted in 2010 on Rai 1.

The cellist Jenny Burnazzi joined the band in 2011. The two had played together for five years in Comaneci, and later became life partners. The new formation recorded 'Can You Hear Me?” (EP) in 2011 at Duna Studio, and the 2013 album 'Slagenmensch' for Garage Records. Paolo Mongardi played drums in all of the album's eight tracks.

The release of their second album coincided with an intense touring activity, culminating with a live radio performance in Leipzig at Radio Blau, along with Mattia Coletti as a sound engineer.

The band and Coletti went on to record 'Gigantic' in 2015, and presented it with an extensive tour across Italy, Germany, and Austria. The song "Before it gets dark" was chosen as part of the soundtrack of the film "Naples '44", directed by F. Patierno, winner of the Nastro d'argento Doc 2017 – docufilm section.

After the EP "Can you hear me?" recorded in 2011 at the renowned Duna Studio, they come out in 2013 with the second album "Slangenmensch" for Garage Records. The album reliesed with the collaboration of Paolo Mongardi who plays the drums in all the eight tracks.

"Tornado", the brand new release, will be out the next 16th February.




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